What can you GAIN?

Bob Chesworth | February 21, 2019

What is GAIN?


The GOLDPoint Advisory Interchange Network (GAIN) is an annual user group meeting for our clients to learn about new and existing GPS products, network with other clients, and to spend time with their Account Managers. We believe that it is an integral part of the client experience and well worth your time. On the fence about it? Here are some benefits and things you can “GAIN”, by attending.



One of the main things that clients say they enjoy is the ability to network with each other. And while each company operates slightly differently, they have many things in common. The GAIN meeting provides time to discuss common issues and to see how other clients may have come up with creative solutions to resolve those issues. At the end of the conference, there is an “open forum” where clients and GPS employees can discuss whatever is on their mind that will help the clients move forward in their efforts as they use the system. They can also discuss industry trends and needs for new GOLDPoint products and services that may be needed in the future. It is an excellent time for clients to let their voice be heard as to what development products are essential to their organizations.


Another thing that clients enjoy is the training. When a client onboards to the GOLDPoint system, there are weeks of intense training. The client may then get comfortable with the system and not invest as much time in ongoing training of the new products and upgrades that GOLDPoint provides. GAIN is a great time to get away from the busy office environment and attend some classes and other pieces of training that are offered. Clients can see the new products and services up close and interact with the GOLDPoint employees on how best to incorporate these things into their business. It is also an excellent time to review the updates in the GOLDPoint University where there is lots of wonderful training material.

Grow with GOLDPoint

We typically provide statistics on growth at the GAIN conference so that clients can see the results of the partnership. New products are announced, and a development roadmap shows what is coming up soon. We discuss the benefits of the new products so that clients will know what they can “GAIN” from implementing these new features. We integrate with third parties to add features to make the system even better. Some of those third-party vendors sponsor events at the GAIN meeting to help with the costs. Clients can choose to meet with them and discuss the particulars of their offerings to augment the services that GPS provides.

Have Some Fun

Fun is another integral part of the GAIN meeting. We provide various activities each year that allows clients and GPS employees to participate in something to get to know each other better. These activities are designed to let people bond and create friendships that improve the working relationship. It is also a time for clients to interact with each other in a less formal setting.


Ready to sign up? Awesome. You can do that here.

Still not convinced that GAIN is worth your time? Here are some thoughts from past attendees:

“I want to encourage everyone to attend the GAIN meeting. It is a great opportunity to talk with your peers about industry happenings, to share ideas and interests as well as get information regarding GPS future enhancements. I hope to see you at the GAIN meeting in March.”

-Cindy Mullin (1st Franklin Financial), Advisory board member

“After attending GAIN, I always leave with new ideas and tactics that improve efficiencies. The educational opportunities offered are invaluable. Not only do you get tips directly from GPS experts, but you can also network with other users who have a wealth of knowledge to share. If you have never attended GAIN, you owe it to yourself to go. I promise you will not be disappointed and you will want to attend every year thereafter.”

- Carol Young (Mariner Finance), Advisory board member

"The GAIN conferences provide a casual and relaxed environment for sharing opinions for new development, discussing industry-specific concerns and learning how each of our companies can skillfully use GOLDPoint software. I highly recommend carving a few days out of your schedule to attend!"

- Cyndi Devers (Heights Finance), Advisory board member

"GAIN allows you to get away from your office and focus on discovering new tools for your business. Networking with other attendees and your key GOLDPoint contacts is also a big benefit adding to the value of the conference."

- Sam Bradbury (United Finance), Advisory board member

"Some of the things I love about attending the GAIN meeting is that it gives me the opportunity to share real experiences, solutions, and ideas with other companies. The GOLDPoint Team does a great job of making you feel comfortable and welcomed. It’s a conference you should not miss."

- Chris Mitchell, President and CEO Acceptance Loan Company, Advisory Board Member


We can’t wait to see you at this year’s conference!


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Bob Chesworth | February 20, 2019

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