Mobile App

GOLDAccount Center 

You can now hold the power of GOLDAccount Center's (GAC) online loan management system in the palm of your hand.

Individual branding, biometric login, push notifications and availability for both Apple and Android make it as user friendly as possible–not just for millennials.

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It's Time to go Mobile

The Mobile App’s interface streamlines the entire loan management process. It allows users to:

  • create an account
  • apply for a loan
  • view application statuses
  • make loan payments
  • add default payment methods for Pay-by-Text
  • view and upload files in File Services
  • find the nearest physical branch
  • view e-statements
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See the Mobile App in Action

Request a demo using the link below and get your own personal tour of the GOLDAccount Center Mobile App.

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More Customers

When choosing between lenders, customers will likely choose to manage their loans on their phones, rather than in a branch or logging in online. 


People love ease and convenience, and using our intuitive mobile app is easy as it gets. 

Stay Ahead of Trends

Technology moves fast. Don't get left behind your competitors by waiting to employ a mobile option.