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Christian Berry | May 30, 2018

We are excited to see many of you at next week’s AFSA conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Vegas is a lively city known for its bright lights and casinos. But at GOLDPoint, we provide a lending suite that you don’t have to gamble with.

In fact, on average, our clients experience 220% growth in their first year with us. So, how do we that?


We love seeing our clients excel, so we’ve made it possible to service any and every kind of loan. With GOLDPoint Systems you can easily service the most unique loans because our software is completely customized to meet your needs as well as the needs of your customers, including payment schedules. If you have a customer who needs to make weekly payments, we can handle that. How about a customer who needs to make bi-monthly payments? We can handle that too. Any payment schedule that works for your customer works for us.

Another reason our clients grow so much during their first year with GOLDPoint is our powerful, custom built, collections tools. In fact, our customers maintain an average 95% current rate. We offer custom collections queues that you can design exactly the way you need them. You can build a queue that is made up of only customers who are exactly one month late on a payment. You can create queues that consist of customers who are between sixty and ninety days late. Literally set any type of criteria for each queue and collect more than ever.


We also make it easier for your customers to make payments because we can accept any type of payment. From ACH and direct deposits, to credit cards and wire transfers. Customers love the convenience of being able to pay the way they want. In addition to accepting various forms of payment, we also process payments live, the moment they are made. Our collection capabilities helped us process $13 billion in transactions in 2016.

Convenience Fee Model

With easier electronic payments come additional fees that, due to various laws, lending companies are stuck paying. We realized that our clients were losing thousands of dollars each month to credit card fees, so we created the Convenience Fee Model.

This model saves our clients an average of $1.2 million a year. Clients can now collect the full payment amount on each electronic payment. We’ve integrated with a third party company to be able to push convenience fees back onto the customer, leaving our clients free to collect the whole amount due to them.

Dedicated Conversion Specialists

GOLDPoint Systems is the leader in the lending industry, so we’re experienced with conversions. We keep our conversion process quick and efficient in an effort to not waste either of our time.

Our conversion specialists will learn everything about your lending process in order to best build out your custom GOLDPoint solution. Our specialists will continue to work with you to set up every detail in the system based on your lending workflow and business model. They will set up your user access, third party integrations and reporting styles and procedures.

Converting to a new software can be daunting and frustrating but our conversion specialists do everything they can to make the process as smooth as possible. They offer on-site trainings and work with staff to make sure everyone has a comprehensive understanding of the software. Before converting, our specialists will have a readiness visit in which they will review all of the work that has been done to double check that all previous data has been saved and entered correctly. During conversion week, GOLDPoint’s specialists will be on-site, working side by side with your staff.

Going Further

Switching to GOLDPoint is like buying a new car. Your old car may have taken you many places and helped you get things done, but at some point the old car just simply can’t take you any further. Getting a new car means new handling and advanced technology, better gas mileage and other great options. This new car will take you further and help you reach more destinations.

And ultimately that is our goal. At GOLDPoint, we want to take you further. And with our custom collections tools, payment options, convenience fee model and straightforward conversion, you can also experience the 220% growth that our other first year clients have experienced.

Christian Berry | February 8, 2018

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