Have You Seen What GOLDPoint Systems Has Been Up To Lately?

We've had hundreds of new releases and updates in the past few years. Here's a highlight of the really important stuff:

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GOLDTrak Online (GTO)

Affectionately called GTO by its users, this browser-based origination powerhouse can be used to complete every step of the loan origination process. 

GTO communicates with the Automated Workflow Engine (AWE) and integrates its decision-making processes (in fact, AWE functionality is a requirement for using GTO).

GTO also communicates with the Document Engine to integrate your institution’s origination docs with your applications.

Consumer Application

Among the top features in our new Consumer Application is our one-of-a-kind ancillary product tool, which allows consumers to purchase add-on products (like loan insurance) within their loan application process, with accurate price quotes and disclosures provided to the applicant in real time.

Consumer Application


Global Tables

This new web app streamlines the process of creating, editing, viewing, importing, exporting, and deleting evaluation and data tables. These tables can then be easily used in other GOLDPoint programs, most notably the Automated Workflow Engine.

More info here: Introducing Global Tables!

Automated Workflow Engine

The AWE is a web-based service that allows your institution to fully customize automated processes - called engines - that define parameters for accepting, rejecting, or otherwise responding to loan applications.

Read all about it: Welcome to the Automated Workflow Engine

Automated Workflow Engine

Authentication Questions

A new tab on the Customer Relationship > Households screen allows you to create security questions and answers as a tool for verifying a customer's identity.

Learn: How to Protect Your Customers' Financial Information

Help Center: Customer Support

This new and improved website serves as the repository for all GPS help documentation. The Help Center replaces DocsOnWeb (and F1 Help) and boasts improved searching, navigation and expanded resources for helping users get the information they need. 

If you need help: Welcome to the Help Center

Help Center: Customer Support


Your institution can now offer customers the option to make loan payments by text. 

See why: Pay-by-text Makes Payments Easier

Instant Funding to a Debit Card

Your institution can now fund customer loans directly to their eligible debit or pre-paid card.

See: How Our Partnership with REPAY Allows for Instantly-Funded Loans

Instant Funding to a Debit Card


Amortization Schedule Screen

This new Loans screen is a useful tool for calculating, creating and printing hypothetical amortization schedules for a customer account. You can use these fields to calculate unknown pieces of amortization information, such as determining a hypothetical interest rate, P/I payment or loan term, based on the info provided. 

Look at #2 on this blog post: Three Reasons to Update to the Newest Version of CIM GOLD

GOLD ExceptionManager Added to CIM

Found in CIM GOLD under GOLD Services, GOLD ExceptionManager is a program that processes exception items that fail to post to customer accounts. It passes them on to users so a final decision can be made. 

Read how to manage exceptions: Introducing a Great New Product to Help with Exception Handling

GOLD ExceptionManager Added to CIM

Borrower Relationship Management

Every borrower comes with a unique ID that makes searching, managing and scheduling a breeze. Our BRM features a robust notification system, inclusive log on all borrower activity, flexible payment scheduler, variety of payment options, contact queues, collection queues, account management online or in-branch. 


Loan Portal

This simple, web-based application allows investors of your institution's security-backed loans to view information about the loan accounts they are funding. 

Invest in information: Investor Portal

Loan Portal

7-Day Processing

GOLDPoint now processes in the afterhours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For your institution, this means more updated books, timelier payment recording and more accurate accounting. 

Process more info here: Daily Processing

Learning Management System (LMS)

GOLDPoint has improved the training materials we provide so your employees can better understand our software (and work it more efficiently). Tools are also available to track training progress. 

Manage more learning: Learning Management Systems for Software

Learning Management System (LMS)

New Screens for Accessing ATM Information

Two new Cards screens are available for institutions that use online ATM processors. The Comparative Totals screen can be used to compare your institution's system history with the ATM vendor history, while the Online ATM Journal screen provides access to ATM transaction history. 


Third-Party Underwriting

GOLDTrak PC now allows for third-party underwriting services. 

Third-Party Underwriting

OFAC Overhaul

GOLDPoint has overhauled its OFAC search screen and reporting setup. The new and improved version of the Miscellaneous > OFAC Search screen includes system history of previously run searches as well as improved implementation of all United States security lists. The new and improved version of the OFAC Report (FPSDR338) consolidates the functions of all previous reports into one report.

New Screen for Printing Checks

The Reserves and LIP Check screens have been consolidated and replaced by a new check printing screen, simply called Checks. This screen allows your institutions to print funding and reserve checks within CIM GOLD. 

Check here: New Screen for Printing Funding Checks

New Screen for Printing Checks

Alternate Recurring Payment Frequencies

GOLDPoint Systems has implemented functionality that allows your institution to set up recurring payment schedules that differ from the loan frequency. For example, let's say a customer's loan frequency is monthly but they want to make multiple smaller payments each month. To accommodate this customer, you can now set them up with recurring payments on a weekly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly basis.

See how to set up: Differing Automatic Recurring Payments

Mnemonic Dictionary

A dictionary of mnemonics used in GOLDPoint programs is now available for searching and reference purposes. This dictionary is organized by Host record, with each page listing the mnemonics within that record. Additional information (when applicable) includes each mnemonic's Host description, a CIM GOLD field location, field entry, GOLDTrak PC boarding transfer fields, etc.

Remember this: Fast and Easy CIM GOLD Mnemonic Lookup

Mnemonic Dictionary


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