Consumer Application 

Our customizable, white-labeled loan application helps you reach more customers by making it easy for them to fill out an application, get an immediate response and get their loan instantly funded. 

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GOLDPoint Systems presents our new, web-based Consumer Application. 

Madison, product owner for our Consumer Application, shows how we can help you improve your customer's loan application process. 


Ancillary Products and Insurances

One of the most exciting aspects of our Consumer Application is the ability to offer insurances on an unsecured consumer loan application, with payment quotes calculated in real time.

Based on the loan purpose, borrow amount and term the customer chooses on their application, certain insurances and other ancillary products can be presented to the customer as options to select, if they choose. All of this is customizable, of course!

Bespoke Loan Application Management Systems

Some examples of our customizable options are:

  • Field names, visibility and requirements
  • Dropdown options, such as identification, housing and employment info
  • Loan purposes, such as auto, business, medical, etc., each with their own customized borrow and term amount
  • Assigned Automated Workflow Engine Rules

How Does It Work?

  • A customer submits their loan application.
  • Based on criteria set up in the Automated Workflow Engine, the app returns a decision such as “approved”, “denied”, etc.
  • The application then goes to another web-based GPS product, GOLDTrak® Online (GTO), to be processed further.

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