Loan Servicing

Our loan-servicing software gives you the ability to service any type of loan in any state.

With our robust notifications system, credit reporting, statements, mobile app and more, you’ll have a complete loan-servicing experience. The best part is, our API allows you to integrate with 350+ different companies and products, so you can customize it to meet your needs.



  • Post payments on any day of the year to avoid accruing late charges on accounts
  • API connectivity to your preferred payment processor
  • Connect directly from our system if you don't want to look for a card or ACH processor

We can process multiple payment options like credit, debit, ACH and check payments through various card processors and ISOs. These real-time payment processes are integrated directly into our websites and software.



  • Automated collection queue generation, where your institution can easily change key criteria for sorting past-due accounts into specific queues for specific collectors
  • Collectors can quickly work accounts, sending letters, emails, texts, or making phone calls to borrowers all from one screen
  • Track collection comments and collector performance based on promised payments the collector was able to help set up for borrowers, as well as if those payments were made

The ability to change parameters and work with real-time information is crucial when building lists of accounts for collectors to work. Collecting on past-due payments is a delicate balance between too much or too little contact. Our system makes it easy to hit the sweet spot of keeping borrowers grateful for your services while maintaining a good return on investment.


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Credit Reporting

  • Timely monthly credit reporting to all the three of the main credit reporting repositories: TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.
  • Automatic account status updates based on number of days delinquent.
  • Special Comment Codes are updated automatically on accounts when specific events occur, e.g. the loan is sold, hardship deferments or account owner goes on active military duty.
  • Generate a monthly CSV spreadsheet file to ensure accounts are reporting correctly before sending the final Metro 2-formatted file to the credit repositories.

Our credit reporting system was developed working closely with our clients and their needs. You can choose which accounts report to credit repositories, and which ones do not. We do the heavy lifting of ensuring our credit reporting methods follow CDIA guidelines. But if you need to make on-the-fly adjustments for specific accounts, our system allows an easy override by you.

credit reporting

Loan Portal

  • Web-based app
  • Allows investors to view their loans’ current status without compromising your institution’s security and servers. 
  • Investors can stay up-to-date on their loans any time, anywhere.

The Loan Portal is a simple web-based application that allows external parties to view information about the loan accounts they have an interest in. This application grants individuals with security to view read-only access to pertinent, real-time account information as maintained and serviced in GOLDPoint Systems software.


Lending Performance Dashboard

  • Web-based app
  • Allows executives to stay up to date anytime, anywhere
  • Simplifies the process of tracking trends and spotting problems 

The Lending Performance Dashboard is a simple web-based application that allows management at your institution to view the overall performance of accounts for specified branches, divisions, regions or the entire institution at a glance. This application grants individuals with security, read-only access to pertinent, up-to-date account information as maintained and serviced in GOLDPoint Systems software.


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