GOLDTrak Online

Affectionately called GTO by its users, this browser-based origination powerhouse can be used to complete every step of the loan origination process.

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GOLDPoint Systems presents our new, browser-based GOLDTrak Online. 

Shawn shows how we can help you improve your organization's loan origination process. 


GTO Plays Well With Others

GTO communicates with the Automated Workflow Engine (AWE) and integrates its decision-making processes (in fact, AWE functionality is a requirement for using GTO).

GTO also communicates with the Document Engine to integrate your institution’s origination docs with your applications.

All-Inclusive Loan Origination 

Some examples of GTO features:

  • At-a-glance application summaries are provided from the main screen, no need to open the application itself.
  • Save time in the new application process by copying information from existing applications, including borrower and collateral data. You can also fill applications for existing customers quickly by looking up the information tied to their SSN.
  • Seamlessly swap applicant and co-applicant information, or add/remove applicants entirely, at the simple push of a button.
  • Attach notes to applications that other employees and supervisors can review. You can also view the history of all activity that has taken place on an application using a separate dedicated tab.

How Does It Work?

  • GTO Setup makes the process of creating application blueprints easy and intuitive. Click and drag on the provided controls to design a blueprint with separate tabs, headers/footers, individual fields, and pre-defined field groups. This is also where you define which engines and documents the application will communicate with.
  • GTO-specific user security roles, which are access settings separate from the main Lending Engine definitions, can be defined to indicate which employees are allowed to engage with certain aspects of an application (each individual field, button, and field group in an application can have its own particular access restrictions defined).
  • As with all GPS products, additional functions and options can be added to GTO according to client requests. If GTO doesn’t do exactly what you want, call us and let’s make it happen!


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Test Drive GOLDTrak Online