The Loan Origination Engine

Our Origination Engine software is reliable, flexible and caters to institutions of all sizes.

You'll have the ability to customize the look and flow of your origination process. Our APIs with 350+ integrations allow us to accommodate all lending scenarios.

You and your borrowers should enjoy your lending experience.


The GOLDPoint Systems Origination Engine

Watch a quick video here to get a summary of the Origination Engine straight from the product owner, Shawn. 


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Loan Application

  • Online loan applications
  • Integrate with third-parties and dealers
  • Customize loan application process

Lending institutions need to have an online presence. Our loan origination software allows borrowers to apply for loans in person and online. Our customer-facing products will take your borrowers through a seamless loan application process.

Does your lending institution also have dealer partnerships? We can help with that. Your borrowers can apply for loans directly through the dealership using our online lending features. Applying for loans should be easy for both borrower and lender, so let us help you create the ideal process. You can fully customize these processes with our APIs. Let us show you how to increase your online loan application conversion

loan application


  • Speeds up the loan process 
  • Allows for no-contact delivery 
  • Gives your institution the ability to finalize loans anytime, anywhere. 

Our eSignature product allows borrowers to electronically sign documents anytime, anywhere, with any device. It gives your institution the flexibility it needs to compete in the modern, online business world. That’s what we call a win-win-win. Read more about eSignatures, the GOLDPoint API and going paperless.


Want to Know More About Our Loan Origination Software?

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Automated Underwriting

  • Web-based app
  • Drag-and-drop capabilities
  • Can take in information from a variety of loan origination APIs.

Our Automated Workflow Engine (AWE) automates the entire underwriting process, making it faster and easier for both lenders and borrowers. When setting up your AWE, you decide which eligibility criteria determine the result of each application. The best part is it doesn’t require a programmer to make changes.

Because this product is web based, our clients find it more accessible and the workflow easier to follow. The AWE allows you to make changes, test, and deploy all from the comfort of your own home. Find out how the AWE will increase your underwriting efficiency. 

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  • Direct deposit into a preferred bank account
  • Checks printed directly to the borrower
  • Dealer funding using checks or ACH
  • Debit card funding using API connectivity.

Lenders are appreciated more when they fund their loans using methods convenient for borrowers--whether it's a check, ACH direct deposit or sending funds directly to dealers when buying a car, furniture, etc.

A creative funding option allows a borrower to present a lender with their personal debit card, and the lender can instantly transfer funds onto the card. However a borrower wants to receive their funding, our system will handle it.


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