Eight Keyboard Shortcuts for CIM GOLDTeller that You’re Sure to Use

Cindy Fisher | December 12, 2019

CIM GOLDTeller® is GOLDPoint Systems transaction application that allows quick processing of loan payments, deposits, withdrawals, and any other monetary transaction you can think of. It requires some setup, but once you are up and running, it’s a fast and easy tool your tellers will love.

Those already on our system are very familiar with CIM GOLDTeller and all it can offer. However, even seasoned users of CIM GOLDTeller can benefit from knowing some quick tips to make it even better.

1. Reverse Last Transaction

Shudder the thought of a teller running a transaction on the wrong account, but it happens. Hopefully it’s caught sooner than later. If the teller catches their error immediately after processing the transaction, they can press <F8> on their keyboard, and the transaction they just ran will appear with all the fields automatically filled in just like before, including one key feature: the Correction box will be checked, as shown below.

image 1 (39)


Simply click <Send> again, and that transaction will be corrected.

2. CIF Search

For your front-end tellers, they may not use any other screen in CIM GOLD other than CIM GOLDTeller. For them, the <F9> key is a quick way to search for accounts. When they press <F9> on their keyboard, the Customer Search screen appears, where they can search and find the person, and then select their account (see below).

image 1 (40)

CIM GOLDTeller and Customer Search Screen

Once they click on the account, it will show in the account list in CIM GOLDTeller, where they can bring up a transaction and click the account to automatically enter it on the transaction, as shown below:


image 1 (41)

3. Repeat Last Transaction

During busy times in a branch, a teller may have customer after customer wanting to make a payment on their loan. If the teller will use the <F12> key, the same transaction will automatically show again in the transaction area.

Tip: Press <Shift> + <F12> and the same transaction will load with the previous fields already entered. This is handy if a teller made a mistake with the first transaction and needs to run it again.

4. Interrupt a Transaction

Sometimes tellers will be in the middle of finalizing a transaction when a customer says, “Wait, I need to check something.” Or they’ve left their wallet in the car. Or they remembered they must check their balance to make sure there are enough funds to cover the payment.

The teller doesn’t want to go through the hassle of re-entering the customer’s name and account number, should they come back. Instead, they can simply press <Ctrl> + I on their keyboard to interrupt the transaction, and the transaction and all the details of the account will stay saved and hidden. You will know you have one interrupted transaction waiting, because a yellow “I” will show in CIM GOLDTeller (see below).

image 1 (42)

5. Go Back to Interrupted Transaction

To return to that interrupted transaction, the teller just needs to press <Ctrl> + B. Wala! There’s that information! Note: You can only interrupt one transaction. If you want to try interrupting two transactions by pressing <Ctrl> + I while you already have on transaction, the following message will be displayed:

image 1 (43)

6. Journal/Forwarding

Probably the most used shortcut key in CIM GOLDTeller is <Ctrl> + J. Make sure you train your tellers on that handy tool. When they press those buttons, the Journal Log appears. This screen keeps a record of all the teller’s activity that day. They can also reverse previous transactions from earlier in the day directly from the Journal Log.

It also offers various reports, such as a report showing all check-in numbers for the day, so they can verify all the checks in their drawer match the report. If you aren’t familiar with the Journal Log and you are a GOLDPoint Systems’ client, see this topic in the CIM GOLDTeller User’s Guide in DocsOnWeb:


7. Customize your own shortcut keys

Speed keys are a convenient way to quickly access often-used transactions. Instead of selecting the transaction from the menu on the left, tellers can quickly press a key on their keyboard, and the transaction is displayed on the far-right side of the CIM GOLDTeller screen.

You can set up speed keys by profile or by teller.

8. Right-click Pop-up Screen

This isn’t so much a shortcut key but just a super helpful feature. You may find you use this next trick all the time.

Sometimes customers will have further questions about their account while talking to a front-end teller. The teller can navigate away from CIM GOLDTeller and open a screen in CIM GOLD easily by clicking the screen in the left-tree navigation. The downside to that, though, is that they then must return to CIM GOLDTeller. And if the customer asks more questions, they will find themselves navigating away again to read the Loan History or other details about the account, then back to CIM GOLDTeller.

However, if the teller will do this step instead, they can keep CIM GOLDTeller open, as well as open another instance of CIM GOLD to look at the details of an account.

To do this, the teller needs to keep CIM GOLDTeller open, but scroll up in the left-tree navigation. When they see the screen they want to access, such as Marketing and Collections or History, instead of left-clicking they should right-click and select “Open Screen Name in new CIM GOLD,” as shown below.

image 1 (44)


Then another instance of CIM GOLD opens alongside CIM GOLDTeller. Then the teller can answer questions about the account while preparing a transaction.

Share these tips with your front-end tellers.


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Cindy Fisher | December 12, 2019

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