"Speed Up" with CIM GOLD Version 7.9.3

Cindy Fisher | January 2, 2019

The Internet has transformed our brains into being virtual Mario Andretti’s. With all our tech gadgets, we want it faster, faster, faster. Remember how long it would take in the old days trying to save a large spreadsheet or Word® document? It made you want to tear your hair out with how long it would take to finish saving. Slowness is a real turn off nowadays.

But the truth is, to speed up applications requires programming, time, and work. It’s not like we live in an alternate magical universe where we can just say, “speed up” and our systems obey the command. GOLDPoint Systems is constantly putting in efforts to make CIM GOLD and all our other products run faster.

With CIM GOLD version 7.9.3, we think you will find significant increases in speed with how long it takes to log on, to how long it takes to run transactions. Even CIM GOLDTeller has been improved with log on speed, though if you are a small institution, you may not notice.

Starting with version 7.9.3, logging in to CIM GOLD will be quicker due to improved back-end programming. This will be especially effective when hundreds of users are logging on simultaneously. This new programming also reduces the load on the server, as not as many trips communicating to and from the host computer will be required when logging in.

As part of these new changes, your computer will automatically update to the new Microsoft® .NET Framework of 4.7.1. This will require a restart of your system.

If you haven’t upgraded to CIM GOLD version 7.9.3 yet, contact your GOLDPoint Systems account manager today.

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Cindy Fisher | January 2, 2019

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