Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Christian Berry | May 30, 2018

GOLDPoint Systems works with several other companies to create integrations that will benefit our customers. At last week’s GAIN Conference, we had the opportunity to hear from three of those companies.

REPAY (Realtime Electronic Payments)

Established in 2006, REPAY provides electronic transaction processing services. They offer solutions for credit and debit card as well as ACH payments. We’ve integrated with REPAY to bring our customers the Convenience Fee Model a model that will save our clients money by requiring a third party to collect convenience fees on all debit, credit or ACH payments.

During our annual GAIN Conference, Pam Hendee and Stacey Precar of REPAY presented to the entire group of lenders about the importance of having remote payment options. Ultimately, the majority of our clients business (as well as all lenders) comes from the Millennial generation. Millennials are in their 20s and early 30s and have never lived without computers. They are incredibly tech-savvy and they more or less demand convenience.

Providing your customers with remote payment options like websites, mobile apps, texting and IVR, allows them to make payments 24/7. These options also eliminate some staffing problems, extends business hours and limits the need to keep cash at your branches. Remote payments will impress your millennial customers and keep them coming back.

Route 66

Our API with Route 66 allows our clients to quote and sell within their loan system (Goldtrack), increasing efficiency. During his presentation at GAIN, John Gibbins of Route 66, said that they offer the only VSC in the market that is specifically built for lenders.

Route 66 is completely compliant with the CFPB and other regulators and they have a loss ratio of 85%. Route 66 is simple but comprehensive, making them not only a great partner for GOLDPoint Systems but for each of our clients.

Black Book

Black Book provides real-time data and insights from expert analysts to help lenders make more informed and profitable portfolios. Ultimately, they lower risk in origination.

Brian Clegg of Black Book spoke to us at the GAIN Conference. He said that Black Book is the lowest cost option with the best quality in the industry. Integration takes only about a week and half, and they are integrated with most major systems. Black Book will show you vehicle values throughout the life of the loan and they are a five star premier business partner.

At GOLDPoint Systems, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help our clients grow and succeed. We love teaming up with powerful companies like REPAY, Route 66 and Black Book to improve our services. Continue checking out our blog for upcoming future integrations.

Christian Berry | February 8, 2018

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