Loan Servicing: 3 Ways we Help You Maximize Profits

Christian Berry | May 31, 2018

At GOLDPoint Systems, we provide a servicing software that goes above and beyond all of your loan servicing needs.

We make it possible for you to service any and every kind of loan, from conventional to complex, even the most unique loans can be easily serviced through our software. In 2015 we helped our customers process 12 billion dollars in transactions with three simple but uncommon concepts:


Our software is fully customizable, which is how we’ve been able to help our customers service various types of loans- totaling 11 million in 2015. We understand that your company is unique with a variety of needs as well as wants and our customizable platform makes it possible for you to service every loan imaginable.

Need to allow a client to make weekly payments? We can do that with our customizable payment options.

Need collections queues that only show loans over a certain amount? Our collections queues are built every night based on the criteria you request, helping you keep delinquent loans low.

Want regular reports? We can send you customized reports as frequently as you want. Our reports will only show you the most pertinent information. You pick what you want to see.


At GOLDPoint we care about our customers, so we’ve created a solution to one of the biggest pains our customers deal with: Credit Reporting. We take care of your credit bureau reporting with comprehensive monthly reports. Our specialists are in direct contact with the CDIA as well as the individual credit bureaus, so we can guarantee proficiency in our reporting.

End of year tax reports can be a time consuming hassle too, so we take care of that for you as well. We also provide a mailing service and can even send out your tax reports.

We’ll also help you communicate with your clients by sending them notifications via text or email. We can remind your clients about upcoming payments, late payments, or send them any other type of alert.


We can cover any and all of your company's needs. We are equipped to handle all fees and insurance payments the way you want them, upfront or throughout the life of the loan. We also handle all refunds and extensions, so you never need to worry about clients over or under paying. Our software can also pull recurring payments up to multiple times a day, helping you maximize your profits.

At GOLDPoint, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction. That’s why we have a mobile app that makes it easier for your clients to make payments and keep up with their loan all together. We want you to have happy customers.

We also want our customers to be happy, which is why we provide great around the clock customer service. You can reach out to us anytime with any question or concern and our customer service representatives are more than happy (and qualified) to help you out.

Bottom Line...

Ultimately, GOLDPoint software helps you do whatever you want. From servicing a variety of loans to handling income, our servicing software is the cherry on top of our full-service lending suite, and will help you profit.

Christian Berry | February 7, 2018

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