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GOLDPoint University Joins the Help Center Family

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Earlier this year, we discussed our efforts to make the Help Center even more helpful by infusing it with more task-based, How To-style documentation. As part of that discussion, we also introduced our modest library of tutorial videos and promised that more videos were being added as time went on.

Well, as it turns out, occasionally time “goes on” surprisingly fast, and our tutorial library isn’t quite so modest anymore.

As part of GOLDPoint’s migration away from DocsOnWeb (an initiative to consolidate all help resources under the Help Center’s roof), GOLDPoint University has come to join the party. For those unaware, GOLDPoint University was the neighbor website to DocsOnWeb where GPS originally maintained its video library. Now, the University’s videos have made themselves right at home in the Resources Tutorials section of the Help Center.


Just look for the GPS Logo with the dapper little hat.

This collaboration pumps up the Help Center with dozens of tutorial videos, expanding our offering of topics to include:

  • Managing customer profiles and information
  • Performing various tasks in the Dealer system
  • Processing customer-directed transfers
  • Instructions for most Loan System Setup screens
  • Creating notification templates, triggers, and wrappers
  • Navigating and searching the Help Center itself

And now that the GOLDPoint University team has joined forces with the Help Center, our tutorial library will keep growing as new and improved videos are continually created.

If you find yourself stymied by certain tasks you need to complete in GOLDPoint software, give the tutorial section a look! You might just find a friendly guide willing to take your hand and show you every step of the process. If you don’t see the video you need, let us know and we’ll record it for you!

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