Loan Servicing


Looking to service any loan type, in any state? We do that.

GOLDPoint Systems gives you the ability to service loans in the most beneficial way for both you, and your borrower. Want to communicate with your borrower? Our notification system has you covered. Not seeing a tool you need? Our API allows you to integrate seamlessly with 100+ different companies and products.

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  • Our system can handle different loan payment types

  • A simple, web-based, Investor Portal

  • Ability to process multiple payment options

  • Robust notification system

  • Seamless integration with our API
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Our payment calculation system can handle a variety of loan payment types, including; Daily Simple Interest, Precomputed, Monthly Scheduled Interest, Adjustable Rate Mortgage, and Line of Credit.

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For those institutions who service loans funded by investors (securities-backed loans), GOLDPoint Systems provides a simple web-based application that allows investors to view information about the loans they are funding.

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We have a software suite of loan management tools for installment and specialty lenders. The full suite includes products for borrower management, loan servicing, loan origination, calculations, payments, accounting, reporting, and file storage.

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We can process multiple payment options through a variety of card processors and ISOs. These real-time payment processes are integrated directly into our websites and software.

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Communicate compliantly with borrowers quickly and effectively. From real-time alerts about security to notifications about late charges, our robust notification system can handle it all.

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Our world-class API allows you to seamlessly integrate and give your websites, apps, and lending tools the features and exact look your borrowers want. All with the bonus of speed, security, and adaptability.

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