Need accurate reporting in real time? We do that.

GOLDPoint Systems' gives you the ability to create accurate reports, in real time. No more waiting for overnight processing or help from a data center. You'll have all the tools you need, to get your data, exactly when you need it.

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  • Create reports and gather data in an online, real-time environment

  • Ability to pull large amounts of data available for download and manipulation in Microsoft® Excel®

  • Allows your institution to obtain important, decision-making data without incurring increased reporting costs.

  • Option to provide investors access to loan information without breaking any rules or regulations

  • No waiting for overnight processing or help from a data center
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Executive Dashboard

This web-based dashboard is a convenient place to look at the KPI's for your institution. We will pull this data from a variety of reports and tailor it down to what you need to know.

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Manager Dashboard

We give you the ability to provide your managers with quick and convenient access to loans, but only within the branch/branches, they're over. That way everyone only has access to information that is relevant to them.

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Investor Dashboard

Want to provide your investors with access to loan information without having to give them access to the software itself? Our Investor Dashboard does that and in real-time.