Borrower Relationship Management


Need a better way to manage borrowers and their loans? We do that.

On our system, every borrower comes with a unique ID that makes searching, managing, and scheduling a breeze. With total flexibility and convenience, let us help you create a five-star borrowing experience.

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  • Robust Notification System

  • Flexible payment scheduler and a variety of payment options

  • Contact Queues and Collection Queues

  • Fully inclusive log on all borrower activity

  • Manage accounts online or in branch
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We can process multiple payment options through a variety of card processors and ISOs. These real-time payment processes are integrated directly into our websites and software.

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Communicate compliantly with borrowers quickly and effectively. From real-time alerts about security to notifications about late charges, our robust notification system can handle it all.

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With our powerful queue system, your institution can use this system to group accounts by specific criteria, flag customers to be contacted by your employees, and record the results of employees' conversations with customers.

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File Services

Use this service to attach essential documents and images to customer accounts. With a few simple clicks, your employees can access these files (or attach additional files) to serve your customers efficiently.

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Account History

The comprehensiveness of this log allows transactions from any point in the loan's history to be viewed for reference or error correction purposes. This history information is easily accessed and navigated from user-friendly screens in our loan servicing software.

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Account Management

GOLDPoint Systems gives you the ability to manage your borrower accounts In Branch or Online. This flexibility is what you need to take your business to the next level.