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Charles Burnett | March 15, 2019

Last week, we discussed how CIM GOLD help manuals can be accessed from DocsOnWeb in GOLDPoint System’s secure site ( This week, we’d like to explain some of the finer points of navigating DocsOnWeb so you can take full advantage of this resource. The points we’d like to cover are:

  • Searching
  • Table of Contents and Breadcrumbs
  • Permanent URLs
  • Printing


One of the major benefits of accessing CIM GOLD help online is our website’s searchability. Many GOLDPoint clients already know about the Global Search button at the top-right corner of every screen, which can be used to search the entire DocsOnWeb database (see example below). But did you know that individual sections within the database can also be searched independently?

For example, if you wanted to search for a term in CIM GOLD Loans screens and didn’t want your search results cluttered with matches from other systems, you would access Loans in CIM GOLD from the Loans tab and click on the eyeglass symbol at the top-left corner of the screen (see example below). Entering search terms in this search field would then only return results from the CIM GOLD Loans manual.

searching 1


Table of Contents and Breadcrumbs

GOLDPoint’s online database is extensive, and navigating it can feel overwhelming. As such, we’ve enhanced our online CIM help with a few features to prevent you from feeling lost. The table of contents of each CIM manual, visible on the left side of the screen, matches the layout of screens in the actual menu you see when you are logged in to CIM GOLD (see the comparison below). Knowing this, you can use CIM GOLD as a reference to quickly find help for the screen you need in DocsOnWeb.

searching 2


Another handy feature for traversing online CIM help is breadcrumb navigation. The top of each help page displays a breakdown listing the CIM system, screen group, screen, and tab where the field (or field group) is located. Each breadcrumb is also a link to the named location. An example of breadcrumb navigation is shown below:

searching 3


Permanent URLs

When discussing CIM GOLD with coworkers or asking managers about a screen, it helps to have a permanent URL that takes your audience directly to the source. Unfortunately, selecting items in the table of contents, following links in text, and clicking on breadcrumbs do not update the URL bar in your browser. However, the permanent URL for each CIM help page is displayed at the bottom of the screen, as shown below:

seraching 4


You can copy that address and paste it in an email to send to someone who may be struggling with understanding a concept. When the person opens the email and clicks the link, it will take them to the exact topic.



Even in the paperless digital age of 2019, there are still times when we occasionally need to print things. Unfortunately, due to the way DocsOnWeb is coded, the basic print function (pressing <Ctrl> + P) in your web browser is insufficient for printing large help pages. Even if you were to use this function to print a small page, the result would display unnecessary or distracting information such as the table of contents and DocsOnWeb header/menu bar.

As a remedy for this issue, our online help provides a Print button located at the top-right of each screen (see below). Use this button to print the help page you are currently viewing. Using this button will print only the contents of the help page, including the permanent URL.

searching 5


This function is used to print individual help pages. If you would like a printer-friendly copy of an entire manual, contact your GOLDPoint account manager.

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Charles Burnett | March 12, 2019

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