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Christian Berry | June 5, 2018

For more than ten years, GOLDPoint Systems has been at the forefront of the Loan Management Solutions industry. Our fully customizable products allow lending institutions of all types to grow and increase their revenue.

Ultimately, we make our clients money. Within the first year of conversion to GOLDPoint software, our average client has increased their loan portfolio by 19.25%. Since conversion, our clients have increased their open accounts by an average of 220%.

In 2015, GOLDPoint Systems:

  • Processed over 2.7 million applications for a 19.2% growth from 2014
  • Serviced over 11 million accounts
  • Processed over 19.5 million card, ACH, and in-office payments
  • Processed over $12 billion in transactions
  • Connected over 73,000 dealers and branch networks to our system

This is just the start for GOLDPoint Systems.

“GOLDPoint has been a dream come true.” Chris Mitchell, President and CEO of Acceptance Loan Company


GOLDPoint Systems is dedicated to creating and servicing customized, top-quality loan management and origination software to help lending institutions profitably build their businesses. Our customers are everything. We work vigorously to earn and keep their trust through honest communication and by providing quality products that work. We make sure our clients’ needs are met.

We believe the true value of a company is the collective intelligence of the people who work within it. We value our employees. We want our employees to be healthy, happy, and high performing. With our culture of cooperation, success is for everyone.

GOLDPoint Systems is a growing company and we are always striving for improvement. By finding the best solutions, we allow ourselves to lead the industry in customer care and quality of product.

“We have confidence that GOLDPoint’s going to provide us the support that we need when we need it.” - Mike Haynie, Executive VP of 1st Franklin Financial


Our clientele, scattered throughout the US, include large and small, traditional and non-traditional lending institutions. Some are more than 100 years old, while others are new start-ups. Although each of our clients are different and have different needs and concerns, their use of GOLDPoint Systems software offers each of them the freedom and flexibility they need to stay on top of their game and surpass industry and profit expectations.Since conversion, our clients have increased their open accounts by an average of 220%.


We offer a suite of software that facilitates the entire lending process from marketing and origination to collections and pay-off. Our software is a complete solution for everything a lending institution needs to make more money and succeed in the finance industry.

GOLDPoint Systems takes advantage of the most powerful technology to support incredibly diverse lending institutions. We are fully-customizable and fully-integrated to meet each institution’s needs. Our software, which includes origination, servicing, accounting, collections, and reporting functionalities, allows lending institutions to automate their loan management process and thus save time and make more money.

“With GOLDPoint the one thing that I really appreciated is that it makes you work smarter not harder.” -Natasha Cowans, Harrison Finance Company

We believe in the value of well-performing employees, and we stand behind this belief by helping our workers be healthy, happy, and satisfied with the work they do. We offer our employees an array of benefits including:

  • Paid exercise time
  • On-site gym, racquetball court, and locker rooms
  • On-site massages
  • Regular in-house life coach training
  • Career advancement opportunities

Good employees are what keeps us going. Their efforts allow our clients the freedom and flexibility they need to improve profits. Because of our exemplary employees, we can look forward to continued growth and innovation and to helping our clients achieve the same.

Christian Berry | February 7, 2018

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