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Annalisa Williams | June 16, 2021

The File Services Plus API allows you to add files into File Services Plus. File Services Plus is GOLDPoint Systems’ secure file storage system to save files to accounts or applicants/borrowers with your institution.

Using our API, you can upload, organize, and edit files in bulk if needed. This is great if you’re moving files from another Origination system and transitioning to GOLDPoint Systems. With the API you can also access information about your files outside of CIM GOLD.

Integrate your own processes for collecting information and files with our API. The sky is the limit with this and our other APIs.

Uploading and Organizing Files with the API Using the Upload/v2 call, you can upload files to be connected to the account, application, or customer. All files are assigned a category, subcategory, and file descriptor.


Category: By default, there are three categories: Deposits, Loans, and Teller. GOLDPoint Systems establishes the category IDs. Additional categories may be added, contact your GOLDPoint Systems account manager for more information.

Subcategory: Subcategories are defined by your institution to use to organize files into groups to suit your institution’s needs.

File Descriptor: File descriptors are defined by your institution to use to organize files within subcategories.

Security to view files with those categories, subcategories, or file descriptors can also be established for users at your institution. Those security settings can also restrict certain files (based on category, subcategory, or file descriptor) from being emailed or faxed.

Modifying and Linking Existing Files You can also make changes to the files and how they are organized using the DeleteFile, UpdateFileName, UpdateFileDescriptor, and Update(for replacing existing files) calls.

Links are a way to connect files to specific people, accounts, or loan applications. This is especially handy for searches. Using file links, files can be searched for by Customer SSN, Customer EIN, Lender Number,

Loan Number, and Deposit Account Number. Files links may be added and modified with the AddFileLinks and AddLinktoAllFiles call. View our API Swagger site for more details on all available calls.

Using the File Services Plus API requires a one-time access fee and may require additional charges depending on institution requests or requirements. Contact your GPS representative for more information.

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Annalisa Williams | June 16, 2021

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