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Charles Burnett | March 27, 2019

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve discussed tips and tricks for navigating DocsOnWeb, particularly regarding CIM GOLD help documentation. We hope that GOLDPoint’s massive help database has begun to feel less intimidating and more navigable. Today, we’d like to introduce one of the most useful tools in your arsenal for quickly finding information about specific fields: The Mnemonic Dictionary.

Mnemonics are abbreviated data field names (usually consisting of 6 alphanumeric characters) used to designate fields in CIM GOLD. The Mnemonic Dictionary is…exactly what it sounds like: A huge list of CIM mnemonics organized by Host record category. Each page of the dictionary contains a table that displays mnemonics within the given Host record as well as links to documentation for each mnemonic’s corresponding CIM GOLD field. In the example screenshot below, you can see the Mnemonic Dictionary page for the Loan Master LN (FPLN) record:

mnemonic look up


While a master list of CIM mnemonics is pretty handy by itself, the real usefulness of the Mnemonic Dictionary comes from its searchability. Using the dictionary to look up mnemonics is a fast, efficient, and easy way to find information about specific CIM fields in DocsOnWeb.

Let’s illustrate this process with an example of an employee who wants to use DocsOnWeb to learn more about the First Due field on the Loans > Account Information > Account Detail screen.


Generally, if a user hovers their cursor over a CIM GOLD field, its mnemonic will be displayed as shown below. The employee uses this feature to learn that the mnemonic for the First Due field is LN1DUE:

mnemonic look 1


The employee could try searching for this mnemonic using the DocsOnWeb Global Search…but the system will return broad results:

mnemonic look 2


The employee could navigate to the Loans manual in DocsOnWeb and use the local search, which would lower the number of results. However, depending on the mnemonic, the list could still be long and cluttered with results they aren’t looking for:

mnemonic look 3


If the employee searches for LN1DUE in the Mnemonic Dictionary, however, only one result is returned, which is the dictionary page for Loan Master LN (FPLN) mnemonics:

mnemonic look 4


Isn’t that so much nicer? The employee clicks on the single search result to be taken to LN1DUE in the Loan Master table (highlighted for convenience). Here, the teller will find a link to help documentation for the First Due field, as well as a list of CIM GOLD screens where the field is located.

mnemonic look 5


Many GOLDPoint clients already know about the Mnemonic Dictionary and love using it. Many other clients need the Mnemonic Dictionary but haven’t yet realized it’s available. Tell your employees and coworkers about the Dictionary so it can make everyone’s lives easier!


The Dictionary is located in the GOLDWriter manual in DocsOnWeb (accessed from the Reports tab at the top of the screen). Click the eyeglass symbol on the top-left of the screen (the local search function) to search the Dictionary specifically (see example screenshot below).

mnemonic look 6


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Charles Burnett | March 22, 2019

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