4 New Trainings to be Excited About

LaDean Kittell | January 23, 2020

We understand that the lending environment is complex and competitive. And to stay ahead of your competition, you need to keep your skills up-to-date and finely tuned. As lending software experts, we’re excited to announce we now offer training and certifications for users of all levels via online courses. An expert on that subject teaches each course, so you’ll get valuable information with every single training.

Studies have shown that “companies that offer comprehensive training programs have 218% higher income per employee than companies without formalized training.” Our partnership with Instructure allows your employees access to an on-demand, cloud-based learning platform, that will significantly increase their knowledge of our software. We’re excited to be moving forward with providing our clients with an online training environment and the opportunity to learn more.

If you’re curious about what trainings we’re offering, here are a few examples.


Collection Queues

Join Brent Ewell, GOLDPoint Systems conversions team member, as he explains how to build a collection queue, as well as assign and work the queue. This video training is designed to help your staff optimize the collection process and prioritize your collection efforts.

Payment Calculator

Is Payment Calculator a stumbling block for new employees? Our step-by-step video helps your employees master the ins and outs of the consumer loan calculation process.

CIM Marketing & Collections Screen

The Marketing & Collections screen is known as the go-to for many of the processes in our robust loan servicing product. Learn how to use the screen optimally and increase employee productivity!

Line of Credit

Is your business considering a move to using line-of-credit loans? Garret MacArthur and Robert Stephens explain how to use the Line-of-Credit screens and how our unique calculation process ensures that multiple purchases with varied promotional interest rates are handled correctly. Learn how GOLDPoint Systems can help you expand your business with this product.


We’re looking forward to helping you continue to grow your business through trainings on new products, as well as how to optimize the usage of our current products. Happy training!


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LaDean Kittell | January 23, 2020

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